Outfit Post: Lacey and Racy

Okay, so the outfit isn't really racy, but hey, a girl can pretend. And as you can see, I'm really starting to dig the color orange. I haven't really been an orange kinda gal, but I'm loving it now!

Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: Wal-mart

Steampunk Fashion

So, one of my favorite novel genres is Steampunk. For those of you who don't know what Steampunk is (which I'm going to assume is most, if not all, of you), it's pretty much a genre where historical times (usually Victorian era) and future technology meet. Think Will Smith and The Wild Wild West. The designs of it are incredibly cool and intricate and even the book covers are great. Here's one from the most recent Steampunk novel I read, Girl in the Steel Corset

Pretty, right? I like the blend of old with the new, and it kind of makes me wonder if I can try out this look (on a much less grand scale) in real life.

We'll see if I can pull it off!

Something I Wish Was Fashionable Again

The parasol! Now I know that maybe it's just a prettier, daintier version of an umbrella. But something about the parasol just brings to the mind elegance and sophistication (and also Darla from The Little Rascals). 

Outfit Post: Black and Gold

I absolutely loved this black and gold dress. It felt so fancy and I loved the fabric. Sadly, even I cannot pull this off in the summer time and it had to go in the box with the rest of my winter clothes. Oh well! See ya in a few months, Dress =D

The Verdict: It's a pillow! It's a purse! It's a Pillow-Purse!

So, I've been seeing this bag all over the blogosphere lately. Although, I'm not quite sure that I can actually call it a bag. As the title of this post suggests, I prefer to call it a Pillow Purse. It comes in three sizes, an array of different colors, and is obviously very popular because it is sold out at the American Apparel factory. In it's smallest size, I can see the appeal of it as a small clutch. At fifty buckaroos, it's not something I'd purchase, but hey, maybe some people have it like that. But as the size gets bigger, it begins to look more and more like a very large stuffed pillow.

Don't get me wrong, I'm sure that some people can make it look differently depending on the quantity (and perhaps quality) of items placed in it. But that seems like a bit of a hassle. Not to mention how annoying it must be to carry around this humongous thing beneath your arm all day! My verdict?  Meh. It's not for me.

Pretty in Purple

I really liked this outfit. It was kind of a summer-y dress, so I added a sweater and some tights to turn it into a winter outfit. Add some accessories and it kinda had a french flair that I like. It is a bubble hem dress though, and I kind felt like it made my hips look bigger than they actually are. Oh well! these hips were made for walking ;)

Just Call me Wonder Woman!

I made these shorts a few weeks ago. I took some hideous thrift store shorts and painted the American flag on them. I like them, but my dad thinks I'm trying to be Wonder Woman and my sister thinks I should leave the arts and crafts to the pre-pubescent. Still, I like them, and I'm going to wear them!

Why All Uggs Should be Burned Off the Face of the Earth


I absolutely, positively abhor Uggs. I apologize in advance to those of you out there who are slaves to the furry power that is the Ugg, but I just cannot stand them. They're an epidemic (You should trust me on this one, I'm a nursing student and I am trained to know epidemics when I see em'). Here is just a taste of the reasons why I hate Uggs:

1. The Price: Up to two hundred dollars, TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS,  for a pair glorified slippers. As much as I love shoes, I have never spent more than seventy dollars on a pair of heels, and yet my peers gleefully spend much more on such hideous footwear. What in the foolishness? What a ripoff! I could go on about this, but I'm going to stop before I give myself an aneurysm.

2. The Look:  Everything about them is just wrong. They're completely shapeless, they have no arch support, and are probably hurting your feet more than they are helping. They flatter no one and they end at such an awkward spot on your leg. They're not quite full-length boots, but not quite ankle boots either.
3. The way they're worn: I personally think that Uggs are built with some kind of Weather Confuse Ray inside of them (obviously proving that Uggs are evil robots sent from the future to destroy all fashion and individuality). Uggs are clearly not meant to get wet. And yet, girls wear them in the rain and complain about how their feet look like Wet Hush Puppies.

In addition, if you're going to wear Uggs, at the very least make sure that they are confined to the winter time. For goodness sake, stop wearing your uggs with your mini-skirt and tank top in the middle of July! I know your feet have got to be getting all hot and sweaty in there. It makes no sense!

4. Ugg Clones Attack: You cannot ever hope to stand out when wearing Uggs. Why? Because everyone and their mother (and sometimes their father too. Lawd. I shudder at the thought) is wearing Uggs. Any given day on campus, one can expect to see a ton of girls wearing a pair of Uggs. And here's where I admit something horrible: I tried on a pair of Uggs once. I took one look in the mirror and was shocked because I had disappeared. Okay, maybe not in the literal sense of the word. It's just that with my jeans and Uggs on, I looked like every single other girl. My uniqueness was instantly glommed over by the hideous boots. I was no longer Crystin. I became Every-Other-Female-Between-The-Ages-of-12-and-30. Who wants to be a clone?  Certainly not me.

Moral of the story: Uggs are evil. Yes, I said it. Evil. They're making you look hideous, they're doing unspeakable acts to your feet, they're taking away your individuality, and charging you up to $200 to do it! Burn them! (Not really. I'm joking. Practice fire safety, guys!)

Phew! Okay, my rant is over.
Pictures taken from:
http://fashionindie.com http://thegloss.com http://houston.culturemap.com http://igotuggs.com

Little spots of color

To be honest, my heels are usually pretty safe as far as colors go. In my closet, I have some nudes, some blacks, browns, reds. I typically go for shoes that are versatile and go with almost anything. These shoes, however, really caught my eye in the store, and I decided to take a risk and buy them. At first nothing I tried pairing them with worked, but I think the other accessories here really bring it all together.

Earrings-Body Central

Leopard Love

My new purse. I love how classy and chic it is. I first saw it on Dulce Candy's blog and when I got a glimpse of it in the store, I decided to spring for it.

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

China glaze crackle nail polish. It's a little messy but I really liked how it turned out!

Shrimp's Delight

Something I made for dinner. It's rice, shrimp, garlic, basil, and grape tomatoes. The different flavors I added made it delicious. I can't make this too often though because the ingredients were actually a bit expensive when combined together.

Tights are not pants

I'm probably getting into some controversial and murky waters here, but I just have to say this:


They will never ever be pants, no matter how much you might wish it of them. And unlike pants, tights are not forgiving and we can see everything. Everything. And I need to stress the importance of this. Tights are, for the most part, pretty darn see through. Which means that even if you're wearing black tights, I can still see your spongebob underwear. I don't want to see your Spongebob underwear. I'm sorry to break that to you. I like Spongebob and all, but no. Just no. I'm sure you've scarred quite a few kids walking around exposed in this way. Please, give everyone a break, and trade those tights in for a nice pair of capris.

Safari Brights

Safari Brights

A polyvore set I made for my own personal inspiration. I love how bright it is. Feel free to go and like my set!

Mad Hatter

My easter outfit this past year. I really love big, intricate hats. But I'm a college student and can't justify paying sixty dollars just for a hat (give me some shoes though and all justification mysteriously goes out the window). So I settled for this big floppy hat which is still gorgeous!

Earrings-Burlington Coat Factory


I painted my nails red and yellow for the Harry Potter midnight premiere. They're shoddily done, but I was excited and didn't care.

Finally Got a Piece of the Pie

In addition to being a fashionista, I am a great baker. Here's an apple pie I made. It was the best I ever had!

Lightning Strikes Again

 The earrings I made from a few posts ago. My family absolutely hated them (lol). Maybe I'm biased, but I really like them, and will continue to wear them =D

In Uniform

My hello kitty scrub top. Even when in uniform, I still aim for cute ;)

Lightning Strikes

Lightning bolt earrings that I made. They're based off of the earrings Cassie wore in a video. But mine are red and much smaller. (I also wore them to the Harry Potter midnight premiere)

Orange They Great?

My new shoes from Aldo! They're orange and peep-toe. I'm in love with them.


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