Steampunk Fashion

So, one of my favorite novel genres is Steampunk. For those of you who don't know what Steampunk is (which I'm going to assume is most, if not all, of you), it's pretty much a genre where historical times (usually Victorian era) and future technology meet. Think Will Smith and The Wild Wild West. The designs of it are incredibly cool and intricate and even the book covers are great. Here's one from the most recent Steampunk novel I read, Girl in the Steel Corset

Pretty, right? I like the blend of old with the new, and it kind of makes me wonder if I can try out this look (on a much less grand scale) in real life.

We'll see if I can pull it off!


  1. I'd never heard of that genre before. This is why I love finding new blogs to broaden my horizons!

    Loving the last image - really cool look.


    Have a lovely weekend! Check out my blog if you can :))

  2. Oh, so that's what that is! I had no idea. I like it, though. I guess that's something to consider for one of my book cover designs. The story is a mix of new and old, so such a cover would be appropriate. I learn something new every day!

  3. I LOVE STEAMPUNK... I first heard about this about a year ago, and think that it's absolutely charming. It takes such imagination, and I have been talking about trying it for quite some time. But I had no idea there were novels and stuff centered around this niche. Exciting!!


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