Darth Vader + Luke Skywalker

Now presenting.....the finale to my Star Wars-inspired series! If you'd like to the see other characters, click this link.

Darth Vader

Darth Vader is perhaps the most infamous villain in movie history. He's got a cool cape, a tough, cool exterior, and he also sounds curiously like Mufasa with a respiratory disorder. 

Luke Skywalker

Luke Skywalker by lovecrys featuring a maxi skirt

Luke Skywalker hails from the desert planet of Tatooine, so a Luke-inspired outfit had to be loose, flowing, and boho-themed.

Which outfit is your fave?

Zig-a Zig-ah [An Homage to the Spice Girls]

Spice Girls

 I'm a born and bred 90's kid which means I was OBSESSED with the Spice Girls! I collected the Spice Girls lollipops and the stickers (is it just nostalgia, or were those the best lollipops ever?). I used to know all of the dances. I watched Spice World over and over (time to bust out ye olde VHS again!). 
I loved the Spice Girls' style. There was my personal fave Scary Spice, with her amazing conical/curly hair and her love affair with animal prints. Ginger's iconic flag dress. Baby's slip dress and platform shoes. Sporty's track pants and Posh's LBD. In honor of their [amazing] performance at the closing ceremony of the olympics, I've presented to you a few things inspired by my childhood icons.
Were you as big a fan of the Spice Girls as I was? Who was your favorite?

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This outfit was inspired by one of my favorite comic book superheroines, Zatanna. I've always loved her tough but fun personality, not to mention the thought that a magician/showgirl could also have real magical ability. She does magic by saying words backwards. How freaking awesome is that? This outfit is a more modern day, less costume-y, more ME version of her outfit (I'm not cos-playing here),  but I think it captures the essence of Zatanna. 

Hair Envy: Rita Ora


This British singer makes blonde look really good. I'm completely envious. Not enough to dip my own tresses in bleach, but still. Rita Ora touts Gwen Stefani, Beyonce, and Aaliyah as her biggest inspiration and it shows. She looks amazing!



Chewbacca by lovecrys featuring a faux fur vest

Chewie's got a lot of long luscious hair so he's clearly a high-maintenance diva. And high-maintenance divas love their fur vests, ya'll. More evidence of Chewie's diva-ness? His utterly unique voice. I see a grammy in his future! Move over, Adele!


Yoda by lovecrys featuring leather jackets

Yoda is pretty mysterious. No one knows where he comes from or even what species he is. What we do know is that he seems to harbor a fondness for swamp planets and odd sentence phrasing. Yoda is down to earth but powerful., so the outfit has a loose blazer and some structured wedges, all in earth tones and greenery.

Which outfit is your favorite?


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