Hair Envy: Elle Varner

Oh my goodness, I want Elle Varner's hair and I want it today. Not only is Elle Varner a flautist like me, she's also the singer of this summer's "Refill." Love it or hate it, it's one of those songs that makes its way into your head and never leaves. I'd like for her hair to make it's way onto my head and never leave, but I think that's obvious by now. I'll have a refill of whatever hair products she's using please :)

(Is it okay if I sing 'Refill' every time I need a new sprite at Friday's? No? Oh, alrighty then)

East Coast Summers

Carnival in Chesapeake, Maryland

Pier on the Chesapeake Bay
Concord Point Lighthouse, Chesapeake
View from a vegan bakery in Chelsea, NYC

Manhattan skyline

Vintage Sunnies from Brooklyn!

City Lights in Philly

Philadelphia Skyline

All pictures via Instagram. Follow @fashionablygeeked for more!

Han Solo and Princess Leia

As promised, here are the next two sets inspired by Star Wars characters. I guess it's turning into a series, so I'll be putting the rest under the label of "Star Wars Saga."

Han Solo

Han Solo by lovecrys featuring skull jewelry

 Indiana Jones Han Solo is a legendary character, known for his sarcasm, effortless cool, and his ever-present handgun. This outfit is easy to move in (more ease in getting around the galaxy in that Millenium Falcon!) while still maintaining some of that cool toughness Han exudes.

Princess Leia

Princess Leia by lovecrys featuring bustier tops

Leia Organa is incredibly intelligent and outspoken. Even she, however, found herself held captive and enslaved by Jabba the Hutt. Leia's metal bikini is one of the most famous outfits in cinematic history. I admit, I didn't quite know what to do with this iconic outfit, but I like the result :)

Personally, Han's outfit is my favorite. What's yours?? 


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