Interview with PostGradChic

Hey guys, check out my interview with fashion blogger Post Grad Chic. I thought it was fitting to interview her, since I too will soon be joining the post grad world :) 

Check out her blog here.

Describe your style in three words:
My style in three words would be : classic, edgy, quirky. 
What made you decide to start fashion blogging?
I started fashion blogging on a whim. At the time I started my blog, I was working non stop at a Psychological Research lab, and nights at a restaurant as a server. My days were full of to-do's so I wanted a creative outlet. Clothing has always been a passion of mine, so I just though "why not?" I've been doing it almost everyday since, and I love it!
What are your favorite trends for the spring?
 My favorite trends for Spring are the classics; pastels, florals, and whimsical silhouettes. I've also been liking the incorporation of sportier aesthetics in some designers' looks, like Alexander Wang.
What's the most you've ever spent on an item of clothing?
The most I've spent on a clothing item is about $300 for a pair of Rachel Comey Bernard Booties. That's actually a discounted price, too- they're closer to $500. I saved up, and hunted those booties down! They are my favorite pair of shoes.
In your opinion, how is fashion different after college?
After college, fashion is different because you care more. At least, I started to, and I think everyone should. Once you graduate you're kind of propelled into the working world, and every encounter you have is potential for something, so I think you always have to look presentable, even if you're wearing a white t-shirt, jeans, and flats. In college it's ok to roll out of bed in sweats, and show up to class, but you can't do that after. Everyone has a unique personality, and fashion is a great way to bring it to life in a corporate world. 


One of my fashion goals for this year (I don't like resolutions, so I just call them goals) was to take more risks fashion-wise. Often, what I used to do was go into the store, see something I liked, but not purchase it because I was afraid. I was afraid to try an outfit and have it bomb, I was afraid to spend money on something I had no clue how to work, and I was afraid to have people make fun of me for wearing something outrageous. So in my first attempt at being fashionably fearless, I bought these bright orange pants. I had no clue what to do with them, but I brought them home, destroyed my closet figuring out how to wear them, and here you have it! 

P.S. Isn't my new header amazing?! My friend Kate drew it for me. Check her out at

Shirt: H&M
Pants: H&M
Shoes: Call it Spring

Five Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic

Everyone says that "content is king." Meaning that if your blog has good content, the traffic and viewers will flock in of their own accord. Although content will make your viewers stick around, they have to discover your blog first. Here's how you can make your blog more open to discovery.


  •  Join everything! You might not be able to actively participate in everything, (unless of course you have eight arms and four computers.) but figure out which sites work best for you as a fashion blogger and take it from there. Each can be utilized for different things. 
  • Twitter and facebook are the most basic sites that everyone should use. 
  • There's also chictopia, polyvore, pinterest, tumblr, lookbook, stylesays, youtube, and many more. Personally, I had a tumblr way before I started my fashion blog. I had already built a small following there, so it was easy to use that network for Fashionably Geeked. 


  • This is a very large portion of getting visibility to your blog. One of the biggest networking communities on the internet is Independent Fashion Bloggers. It's incredibly easy for you to discover bloggers and for others to discover you.
  • Interviewing and guest posts: A great way to both gain exposure and find fellow blogger friends. Most fashion bloggers love to be interviewed.
  • Comment: Comment on others' blogs and maybe put your link as your signature. Be careful with this, however, some bloggers absolutely hate that. Be courteous and sincere. One of my current blogger friends (Kat Mellon) commented on probably five of my outfit posts in one shot. She was so sincere and I could tell she was really looking at my blog, not just looking for a new follower, so of course I was inclined to follow her!   


Is it too early to wear spring-y clothes? Oh well. I bought this last summer and only got to wear it once. So as soon as the opportunity presented itself, I wore it again. So what if it's February and Phil says we have six weeks left of winter? I don't play by the rules. I wear spring dresses in winter. Somebody stop me!

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Forever21
Bracelet: Forever21


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