Peplum and Neon

As you can see, my hair was a big mess of curls today. I embraced the hugeness though. It's a welcome change after more than a month of rocking waist-length braids.  Anddd a big shout-out to my little bro-ski for taking my pictures today! He was a trooper, even when I called him back outside to take a picture of my shoes for the eighth time :)


  1. Your bro is a darling, taking your pictures. And how great they are! You look stunning, that hair of yours is absolutely gorgeous ♥ And those shoes are so fabulous! xoxo ♥

  2. Such a cute outfit! Great post. & your broski is a cutie =)

  3. You look great! I love the pumps!

  4. I'm loving the hair and the shoes! What a great pop of color. You look great!

  5. Love your accessories esp. the shades and those earrings!!!

  6. There is a new post on my blog!
    Come give me your opinion!
    Thank you so much! <3

  7. Chic outfit!
    Love those neon shoes xx

    P.S. Now following you on Bloglovin ;)
    and your brother is cute!

  8. Hmm, normally I'm not a fan of peplum waists, but I have to admit, you look like a 1940s pin-up girl about to kiss her fighter pilot sweetheart goodbye. It really is so adorable!


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