All-black everything


  1. Georgeous....Love the shoes x
    pls ff bk :)

  2. Love this Outfit so Chic and the shoes are fab x

  3. Well, this look is pretty fab.
    I have a simliar hat (made from paper but looks super) but, often I find it too big asides going to a park or the beach.
    Saw your comment on IFB, I replied to it, but I still thought I'd stop and check out your blog, I'm adding it to my RSS.
    Anyway, I had no idea the post implied a deeper/previous conversation based on a previous post - than what I initially seemed to know.

    Anyways, glad to see bloggers of color as myself, thought I never really considered myself a fashion blogger. More of an extremely curious wanderluster woman representing the 30+ crowd ;)

    Hello +good weekend, from San Francisco --xxom


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