Ten Things You'll Want This Spring: April Edition

Ten Things You'll Want This Spring: April Edition

Ten Things You'll Want This Spring: April Edition by lovecrys featuring a silk dress

1. Floral Shorts: Floral prints are going to be very big this spring/summer. Wear them in short form with a pretty top for maximum effect.
2. Pastel Pants: You've probably already seen pastel pants in the displays of every store from Forever21 to Banana Republic. Mint is my personal favorite, although it can be daunting to wear. Pair it with a white top if you're nervous, or go for pastel color blocking and rock it with peach ;)

3. Sheer Black: I'm sure the last thing you thought about when I said Spring was black. But something that's black and sheer can be very spring-like, especially at night. Wear it with a bright bottom.

4. Clear Umbrella: April showers bring May flowers. Clear umbrellas are so cute and they keep the rain off of your head!

5. Jean Shirt: These have been making a comeback over the past year. You can go for the gusto and wear it with a different colored pair of jean pants, or wear with black, white, or colored pants if you're not up for the risk.

6. White Silk Blouse: A staple you should have in your closet already. It goes with everything.

7. Retro Sunnies: I'm a big fan of retro. I'm also a big fan of sunglasses. I have five or six littering my room already. Plus they spice up any look.

8. Yellow Rain Boots: I'll admit, I've been looking for these everywhere. They remind me of the Morton Salt Girl and I've wanted them since I was little. The ones above have the added advantage of a lace-up front and a subtle wedge for a shorty like me :)

9. Color-Blocked Dress: Color blocking is still in! If you have some trouble pairing things, or want something more subtle than two clashing brights, pick a dress with similar but different colors.

10. Studded Jackets: If you've seen my youtube channel, you know that I LOVE studs. If you can't find/can't afford a studded jacket, buy you're own studs and display your inner DIY goddess!


  1. Ooo I do want these items for April, especially the denim shirt and pastel jeans!

  2. I have some of those already! Still having an awkward relationship with pastels, so we'll see about that one...


  3. Oh, I must find a studded jacket! That one in your collage is fabulous, where could one find similar? :) xoxo ♥

  4. I want number two, the pastel jeans! In yellow preferably :) . I already have the sheer black blouse and the clear umbrella (bought in Berlin :P ). Spring staples!

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  5. Love the color of the jeans! See those ones everywhere now (h&m ...)! xo, Thao

    followed you!!!

    follow back if you want to! http://Cacheandcoeur.blogspot.com

  6. That umbrella is insane! I adore it! Love the sunglasses too.




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