Night Time is the Right Time

 I'd planned on taking pictures a little earlier in the day. But since finals are over, I've gotten infinitely lazier and by the time I worked up the energy, the sun was setting. Oh well! This is a typical outfit that I would wear on a shopping trip. As much as I love shopping, I hate having to go to the dressing room. Wearing a skirt makes trying on things a whole lot easier. And the boots are warm, but they unzip and are easy to take off if I'm trying on shoes. It's casual, comfy, and efficient.

P.S. My 21st birthday is in four days! I'm hoping that I can go to see the Lion King in New York. Fingers crossed!

I didn't notice that my dad had photobombed my picture until later.


  1. Nice shopping outfit, I love how colorful your top is :) haha I love that last picture.

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  3. Lovely look! And such a great hair, I love it :) hehe, that last frame is just so fun! xoxo

    And Happy New Year to you!

  4. Awww nice, anyways boo, I gave you an award, please check on my blog for more details. xxxAfeeyahxxx

  5. Amazing outfit! You look so beautiful! I love your blog! :)

  6. your dad is so cool...

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