Watch Me

So, I've been wanting a Michael Kors watch for a while now. But maybe not for the Michael Kors price :) So  the other day, I go shopping at Target and I see a rose gold watch that's quite similar to the MK one I wanted. And it was only $15 too. My lucky day.


  1. Hi you have such a nice blog and you look so pretty, it would make me really happy if you could check out my blog and if your interested in following each other follow me and ill follow back :)

  2. Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. I admire people who are not ashamed to cut corners. I guess it is because I see so many spend money they shouldn't on stuff because of a name. Some can honestly afford but most can't Kudos to you! The watch looks just as nice. :-)


  3. You look so beautiful, and that watch is great ;) xoxo

  4. Your watch is gorgeous, I love how you wore it with the earrings,too :) Great outfit.


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