Outfit: Blazin' a Trail [of orange]

I confess: I probably wear this blazer too much. But I love it! It was my first ever blazer and it's orange and lovely and I love the pop of color! The easiest way for me to wear it is with a cute shirt and some skinnies. 


  1. That jacket is as hot as it's color. Fab! Where did you get the necklace? It's awesome too! Girl I don't know how you're juggling school and this blog but good on ya!

  2. Love that blazer! Great outfit, and the necklace looks so nice with the strip top :)

  3. What a bright, fun look for a gloomy fall day! Love it.


  4. I love that colour, so can't blame you for wearing that blazer so much :) it's a classic piece, too, and it looks great on you ;) xoxo


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