Outfit: Buttons!

 Yay for outlet stores! I once thought they were overrated, but not anymore! I found this blazer from Kasper for 20 dollars and the Banana Republic shirt for only 4 at an outlet. How awesome! I love the buttons on this blazer so I paired it with a button bracelet I got from Jane's Corner.

Go to Jane's Corner and check out her store. She has really cute vintage jewelry for great prices and free shipping in the US! I've got my eye on a certain illusion necklace ;)


  1. LOVE this outfit! It's so perfect. I really like that blazer. I always have a hard time shopping for them because my shoulders seem to be too broad for what should be my size otherwise. Can't win! :P


  2. lol, you're doing a wonder woman stance in one pic...the hair is gorge!

  3. You look so pretty, that blazer sure is great! :) it looks amazing with that top :) xoxo

  4. Very cute blazer!

    -- http://absolutedoll.blogspot.com ❤

  5. What a steal!!! If only I were that lucky when I go to the outlets. That blazer is awesome!


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