Why All Uggs Should be Burned Off the Face of the Earth


I absolutely, positively abhor Uggs. I apologize in advance to those of you out there who are slaves to the furry power that is the Ugg, but I just cannot stand them. They're an epidemic (You should trust me on this one, I'm a nursing student and I am trained to know epidemics when I see em'). Here is just a taste of the reasons why I hate Uggs:

1. The Price: Up to two hundred dollars, TWO HUNDRED DOLLARS,  for a pair glorified slippers. As much as I love shoes, I have never spent more than seventy dollars on a pair of heels, and yet my peers gleefully spend much more on such hideous footwear. What in the foolishness? What a ripoff! I could go on about this, but I'm going to stop before I give myself an aneurysm.

2. The Look:  Everything about them is just wrong. They're completely shapeless, they have no arch support, and are probably hurting your feet more than they are helping. They flatter no one and they end at such an awkward spot on your leg. They're not quite full-length boots, but not quite ankle boots either.
3. The way they're worn: I personally think that Uggs are built with some kind of Weather Confuse Ray inside of them (obviously proving that Uggs are evil robots sent from the future to destroy all fashion and individuality). Uggs are clearly not meant to get wet. And yet, girls wear them in the rain and complain about how their feet look like Wet Hush Puppies.

In addition, if you're going to wear Uggs, at the very least make sure that they are confined to the winter time. For goodness sake, stop wearing your uggs with your mini-skirt and tank top in the middle of July! I know your feet have got to be getting all hot and sweaty in there. It makes no sense!

4. Ugg Clones Attack: You cannot ever hope to stand out when wearing Uggs. Why? Because everyone and their mother (and sometimes their father too. Lawd. I shudder at the thought) is wearing Uggs. Any given day on campus, one can expect to see a ton of girls wearing a pair of Uggs. And here's where I admit something horrible: I tried on a pair of Uggs once. I took one look in the mirror and was shocked because I had disappeared. Okay, maybe not in the literal sense of the word. It's just that with my jeans and Uggs on, I looked like every single other girl. My uniqueness was instantly glommed over by the hideous boots. I was no longer Crystin. I became Every-Other-Female-Between-The-Ages-of-12-and-30. Who wants to be a clone?  Certainly not me.

Moral of the story: Uggs are evil. Yes, I said it. Evil. They're making you look hideous, they're doing unspeakable acts to your feet, they're taking away your individuality, and charging you up to $200 to do it! Burn them! (Not really. I'm joking. Practice fire safety, guys!)

Phew! Okay, my rant is over.
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  1. ha,ha,ha you made me laught so much with this! so true! I hate them, I don't understand why people wear them? You are right whenever I see a girl wearing them is like a clone walking hahaha x

  2. I totally agree!You're so funny, too!

  3. I hate uggs as well! I've been seeing them less and less though it seems. I guess everyone has discovered your mindset!

    - lamodequivole.blogspot.com

  4. Sooooooo ugly. Hit the nail right on the head. We've hated on these boots before at our own blog. You're not alone!


  5. How funny, I cannot say I completely agree with you but I do love this post! :)


  6. I love my uggs, I think it's how people wear them can sometimes mess it up. Yeah the price for uggs might be a little high but their considered a investment since you can have uggs for a while. Just like any other shoe. One more personal reasons I love uggs are their super comfy especially for someone like me. Very funny blog post. -Corbyn

  7. I agree. They're acceptable only if a) you're indoors and b)they're made of fake fur/leather. In all other occasions, it's a NO-NO.

  8. I agree with you entirely. I hate the UGGs look. It is so sloppy and boring. I must admit that I did try on a pair once, marveled at the coziness and then was done...it was all very short lived. I also do own a pair of Old Navy knock-off UGGs that I think I paid about $10 for. The only times they come out are: (1) to take the dog for a pee before bed in the winter (2) when it snows...and this is a rare occurrence in Vancouver.

    They are really just an overgrown slipper and who wears slippers out...especially with a skirt!


  9. Seeing as this is my first time on your blog I was initially impressed by your amazing graphics as soon as I entered your site. But as I looked through your posts and found myself reading this one, I realized you had a blog worth following. I too completely deplore the thought of wearing Uggs in public and I feel as if an intervention needs to be had for anyone who would even dream of wearing them in the ghastly heat of summer. So thankyou for taking the time to express your disapproval of this epidemic and please take the time to view my blog as I too discuss fashion crisis's plaguing our nation.


  10. YES! So, SO RIGHT! Admittedly, I do own a pair of creatures similar to Uggs, but I only wear them when we have a huge snowstorm because I don't want to ruin my other shoes. They're ugly, bulky, and as rampant as Miley Cyrus (or possibly moreso).


  11. Oh gosh, you made me laugh so much :))) I also hate Uggs, they're so useless :D


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  13. Agree! I would only buy fake ones (the knit kind) and wear them inside when the floor is too cold. Then again, why wouldn't I just knit a pair of socks? :D xoxo

  14. i absolutely hate uggs (sp?). couldn't agree more w/ this

  15. I love you. Seriously. I think these things on a daily basis.

  16. Amen! I despise Uggs, I have a knockoff pair that I wear for only two thing: 1.)Indoors when I'm lounging and being lazy. and 2.) at Cross Country meets between races. Why pay $200 to look sloppy?

  17. i read post like this because i think they are so funny...but not for the reasons you think.I find it funny that people can hate a shoe i mean its crazy to hate something like a shoe.Now i know you post your thoughts its what you do i get it.As far as price goes its a matter of simply having the financial ability to do so or not some people are in a solid financial place where 200 dollars can be spared for something they like.You have a person in your comments saying and i quote "i despise them" but not only do they own a similar pair but there fake so they hate them oh wait i mean they despise them but you wanted to try them or a fake version with cheaper constructed materials for when your lazy so in conclusion when your lazy you wear things you despise and you wont spend 200 dollars to look sloppy but you will pay 50 dollars for fakes because you want to go for the "look" of looking sloppy?And the look we cant really discuss that because thats simply a matter of opinion either you like the way something looks or you dont different people have different taste so to debate that will really go nowhere.The way there worn can be put in the topic of ones own taste as well you can as you say hate when people wear them in the rain but there are sprays for all types of boots to negate that and ugg now makes waterproof versions as well.Clones yes alot of people seem to enjoy uggs so lets get rid of them....lets also get rid of white t shirts people wear them way too much in fact the color white is worn too much lets ban the color altogether.people wear nike alot too although there really good at making running shoes running clothes and sports equipment people just wear there brand too much there good at what they do and people like it so lets get rid of it.We are all clones in the sense that look down at what your wearing you arent wearing anything that someone has not already worn or invented your whole style and mine included has come from somewhere.

  18. It's a house shoe! Pairing regular clothes and house shoes look ridiculous. It would be like wearing pajama pants with high heels lol.

  19. It's a house shoe! Pairing regular clothes and house shoes look ridiculous. It would be like wearing pajama pants with high heels lol.


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