Zig-a Zig-ah [An Homage to the Spice Girls]

Spice Girls

 I'm a born and bred 90's kid which means I was OBSESSED with the Spice Girls! I collected the Spice Girls lollipops and the stickers (is it just nostalgia, or were those the best lollipops ever?). I used to know all of the dances. I watched Spice World over and over (time to bust out ye olde VHS again!). 
I loved the Spice Girls' style. There was my personal fave Scary Spice, with her amazing conical/curly hair and her love affair with animal prints. Ginger's iconic flag dress. Baby's slip dress and platform shoes. Sporty's track pants and Posh's LBD. In honor of their [amazing] performance at the closing ceremony of the olympics, I've presented to you a few things inspired by my childhood icons.
Were you as big a fan of the Spice Girls as I was? Who was your favorite?

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  1. I love the Spice Girls, too! I was so excited when they appeared onstage at the Closing Ceremonies. And I am obsessed with anything Union Jack.

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