Yay Spring Break! This is my last ever spring break (woohoo!) and Mother Nature decided to bestow amazing weather on the east coast just for me! Which means that I can take pictures in outfits like this without having to act like I'm not cold. Seriously, I should get an Oscar for all the acting I've done! I don't understand how the other bloggers do it. 

On to other things: this blog post is so titled because I am actually wearing NO makeup in these pictures (gasp*). There are days I have where I just don't feel like putting on makeup and as long as I don't look like the pubescent version of Freddy Kreuger, it's all good :)

So here I am! Barefaced and au naturale! Enjoy.

Top: Forever21
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Call it Spring
Hat: JCPenney
Bag: Forever21


  1. You look great without makeup! Not all of us (including myself) are so lucky. In my case, I'd be pretty much without eyebrows...anyway, congrats on your last spring break! Come to think of it, this'll be my last one for a year or two as well, as I'm graduating college next semester and taking some time off before my graduate work. Woot!

    1. why, thank you Kat <3

      I'm going to grad school as well!

  2. You look beautiful, so no need for makeup :) I love the outfit, it's totally classy :) xoxo ♥


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