Keeping it Old School

I love retro and vintage looks. Just an outfit can remind you a lot of different times. The makeup is inspired by Marilyn Monroe, although mine was done in about ten minutes and I'm sure her makeup regimen took a lot longer and paid a lot more attention to details. 


  1. Your make up is really pretty! And I love your layered necklace :) Your outfit is classy and lovely.

  2. Your lips are so definitely Marilyn :) great make-up. And I like the outfit so much, flower, pearls, pencil skirt... I don't think you could've chose anything more feminine ;) and the pattern of the shirt is just beautiful! xoxo

  3. Make up looks fabulous and it goes just right with this super chic outfit!


  4. I love the shirt and pearls! Very cute. Where is the shirt from?


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