Breakfast at Crystin's

This September was the fiftieth anniversary of Breakfast at Tiffany's. I admit that I wasn't too big a fan of the movie at first, but eventually I became a humongous fan of Holly Golightly, the main character. I love how she's flighty and charming and incredibly whimsical. So here's my tribute to Holly and Breakfast at Tiffany's. Enjoy!

P.S. There are more pictures here than I usually put up, but I was having so much fun! I won't apologize ;)


  1. Ah this is so cute! I love the modern take on Audrey's look

  2. I love this post! :) you look so beautiful <3 I also have learned to love that movie ;)

  3. that is absolutely adorable!wow!

  4. Love the tribute! and your hair...I'm a big classic movie fan and I think this post definitely did the movie justice :]

  5. love, love, love that dress, it looks so good on you.


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