Review: Misikko's Hana Professional Flat Iron

So, a few weeks ago, I got this brand spanking new flat iron. It's funny because flat irons and I haven't been on good terms lately.  I have a ton of heat damage from using the flat iron too hot and too frequently. It destroyed my natural curl. So I retired my flat iron for a bit (about eight months) and my natural curl has finally started to come back. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. Here are some pictures of the Hana Flat iron.

  • The product was delivered in bubble-wrap. That's an automatic plus for me ;)
  • After use, my hair was actually softer and fluffier than it has been with other flat irons.
  • The packaging was pretty amazing. Not only was it pretty, it came with all sorts of little things. Like a heating pad to put underneath the flat iron. It also came with eye shadow, nail files, an eye-sleepytime-thingy, a few nifty carrying cases, and some other little trinkets.
  • The flat iron heats up really quickly. It was ready to go in under twenty seconds.
  • The flat iron claims that it doesn't damage hair. 
  • It also claims that the plates won't fade because they are pure ceramic as opposed to ceramic coated. 

  • THE PRICE. It's super expensive. 
  • Although it is probably the best flat iron I've ever owned, it still doesn't quite measure up to getting my hair done at a salon.

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  1. I stopped straightening my hair because I'm always too busy. I ended up using an inexpensive wet-to-straight/dry straightener to save time, but now I'm too rushed even for that. Too bad that the super $200+ ones work so well! I tried out a similar one at the mall and was wowed, but yeah -- it's not worth THAT much to me!


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