Outfit: American Disaster

Last week was ca-razy! We had an earthquake, a hurricane tropical storm, and a tornado! Luckily, things weren't too bad over here. Anywho, I made a post about these shorts a long long time ago (a little over a month) when I had absolutely NO followers. I've come a long way! I saw some American flag shorts at Topshop and wanted them, but refused to pay fifty bucks. I took some ugly thrift store shorts I had, cut them a little shorter, and painted the American flag on em. Then I went all Crystin the Carpenter on these bad boys and used some of my dad's sand paper to make the holes. 

Like most cats, Riley is very nosy. Every time I take pictures, he comes outside and watches me. What a creeper! Anyway, here's how you can make the shorts:

1. Get some old unwanted shorts. Cut them to the desired length.
2. Paint one half of the shorts blue.
3. While that's drying, take a ruler and a pencil, and draw the stripes on the other half. Make sure the pencil is light enough that you can paint over it.
4. Paint every other stripe red. Let this side dry.
5. Draw or print a star in the size you want on a piece of cardboard or paper. Take that and place it on a sponge and cut the sponge in the shape of the star.
6. Dip the star in white paint and go crazy on the blue side! (or not, it's your choice)
7. Go to the side with the stripes and paint in the white stripes.
8. Add your own modifications: studs, holes, frayed edges, let your inner Picasso come to life.

Voila! Instant fabulousness!


  1. omg give me those shorts!!!! I cant believe you made those! I have been looking for a pair with the american flag on them forever..

  2. Glad you are safe!!
    Your shorts are awesome!

  3. Ok, I am so going to the thrift store, buying some shorts, and doing this. Seriously, it looks rad. I love it!

    Also love your new blog header. Who did the artwork? (You've probably been asked that several times by now.)


  4. Well I am glad you're okay after all of that!

    Those DIY shorts look amazing!!

    Missing Amsie Blog

  5. Love them shorts!!


  6. aaaaw good job! great diy sweety ;) can't wait to make it

  7. Hey!! :) just found your nice blog!
    I really like it...I am now following!! ;)

  8. great post, I think I'm going to try it on a pair of my shorts! I have a creeper cat who does the same thing =] I just found your blog on IFB and I'm now following!


  9. OMG I totally did a DIY American Flag shorts post on my bloggg! to be honest yours turned out WAY better haha!!



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