How to Wear Red Lipstick

Beauty-wise, most women are afraid of one thing:
That's right, red lipstick. There's no hiding when you're wearing red lipstick. It's almost like having a big huge blinking arrow above your head that screams "LOOK AT ME." And then, you come up with excuses for why you can't wear red lipstick. You're too young. You're too old. Your lips are too big. Your lips are too small. Your too pale or too dark. You have nowhere to wear it to. 

Here's how you can wear lipstick, no matter who you are, and still pull it off:

1. Try it on
That's all. Just go into your friendly neighborhood MAC store (or macy's or sephora or whatever you prefer), plunk your booty in a chair, and say "SHOW ME YOUR MONEY." Okay, don't actually say that, because they'll probably kick you out, but really, what can it hurt to just try some on? They'll help you pick what shade of red is right for you (you'd be surprised at how many there are), turn you around to face the mirror, and you'll be a new woman ;)

2. Keep it simple
This is not the time to go all out with the makeup. Leave the blush untouched. Use some nice thickening mascara and maybe a very little bit of eyeliner. That's it.  Too much makeup with your red lips and you'll end up looking like a very big clown. Alternatively, if you do like to use all that makeup, you could always get hired at McDonald's and be the resident Ronald. Moving on, here's an example of how to do:

And how not to do:

3. Confidence!
If you're feeling insecure and nervous about your red lips, it will show. Be confident! Pick a shade you're comfortable in and work it. If you're feeling fabulous, everyone will be able to tell.


  1. Lovely blog post! You look like Tyra Banks in that last photograph of you.

    I think pulling off red lipstick can be hard to do, I prefer wearing darker lipstick like plum shades as I think it suits my skin tone more! I love how you've promoted MAC in this post too, MAC is my favourite cosmetic company.

    Thanks for the lovely comment and the follow! I'm following you back.

    Check out my latest blog post when you can :))


  2. Well, you wear red, shop, shop

  3. Great post, you have to be brave to try a bold red lip for the first time! :p

    Btw, Look magazine are featuring a competition for bloggers I thought you might like to know about :) Details are in my post if you wanna check it out:


  4. Love the post! I love red lipstick! I don't wear it all too often though. haha I love pairing it with really natural makeup!

  5. Great post! Love your writing style. Found you via lipstick poll on IFB.

    I tend to wear red lipstick with a neutral outfit and with minimal eyeliner/mascara. Love Jolie's look in the first photo! You picked some very good examples for your post.

  6. I want to wear red lipstick as I kiss you

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