August Lookbook

 So August has sadly come to a close and so has my last summer vacation. This time next year I will (hopefully) be a Real Nurse with a Real Job. Anywho, these are all of my outfits for the month of August. My favorite is the yellow dress.


  1. That mustard yellow dress is my favourite - it compliments you so beautifully.


    I recently wrote a blog post about some vintage pieces I plan on wearing to London Fashion Week. I'd be so grateful if you could check out the post and leave a comment and let me know which outfit is your favourite!

  2. Yes I have to agree with Ashleigh with the mustard dress.. It is hot. As a matter of fact I am loving each & every outfit.. Soon we will be saying "Good-bye August... Hello September".. Let's see what you have in store for next month :)


  3. you look fantastic. i love all these outfits. so glamourous, but casual at the same time. you're so pretty. these photos are stunning! Colors really suite your smles each pic..

  4. Loving all these colours!


  5. Those are totally all the new colors for fall. I love the jean shorts!


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