An American in Paris: How to dress Parisian Chic!

During a brief foray into Parisian fashion, I discovered something: Parisians are not trendy (insert shocked gasp here). They are classically and effortlessly fashionable, but they do not follow trends, and they will look down on you if you come to their city dressed like a trendy American tourist.

Here's how to go to Paris dressed like a Parisian (alternatively, if you want to stand out or don't care what they think, then hey, do you!)

1. Stripes!
Parisians love their black and white stripes. Wear a nice striped shirt and you'll be effortless.

2. Subtlety is key.
Colors in Paris tend to be subtle. They favor blacks, browns, and greys. To spice it up, often a "pop" of color is worn, like a purple scarf or red shoe.

3. Dress for comfort.
This means that you don't have to wear your heels everywhere. In fact, you'll look like a fool for it and your feet will end up hating you (pray they don't murder you in your sleep. I've seen it happen). Nor should you wear white sneakers because the French frown upon that and you will be instantly recognized as a tourist (Although Parisians do favor Converse and Pumas). Wear a pair of ballet flats in the summer or comfortable boots in the winter. Save your heels for a night out on the town when you're not walking too much.

4. Scarves are a must!
Parisians love their scarves. Try to buy a few in different colors. You can dress up any simple outfit just by throwing on a cute scarf.

5. Dark wash, slim fit jeans.
In the past, jeans were not acceptable, but now they're en vogue. Parisians still like their jeans chic and stylish though. Aim for dark wash jeans in a skinny fit if you can pull it off, and a slim leg if you cannot. Note* jeans are usually saved for those in their early twenties or younger.

6. Wear knee length skirts or trousers.
Parisians frown upon mini-skirts and shorts. Leave those home (especially if you want good service in restaraunts).

Here are a few example outfits:

An American in Paris

Classy chic

And how you can rock the Parisian look here in the States:

hipster chic

hipster chic by lovecrys featuring a fedora hat

P.S. If you want to see an outfit I have worn inspired by the French, check out my French Pattern Mix post! 


  1. wow really love the pics!! great blog!!

    take a look at mine!

  2. hahahah!from my limited experience (I have been one time to Paris and Lyon but I have a really close friend who is french) I couldn't agree more on this!Scarves, neutral colours and knee-high skirts are a must!

  3. cute!!! I wish I could go to Paris so bad!!!!

    Notes She Wrote

  4. I noticed that! My last French teacher was young and hip and wore a lot of grays and blacks with scarves. She tended to pair a black mini with dark grey jeggings/tights.

    Good to know about the white shoes!

  5. Loving the outfits! Especially the brown hat. Amazing.


  6. Hi dear! About the DIY u asked, sure you can. :) And I adore Parisian style. xx


  7. Great advice. I never though about this until you said it, and now I realize that it is so true! I love adding a pop of color, especially in scarves, they are my favorite accessory! Anyway, I'm happy I stumbled upon your blog. You post about a lot of really interesting things, give great advice, and obviously have an excellent fashion sense. Would you like to follow each other? Let me know by commenting or following my fashion blog, and I will do the same for you ASAP! Hope to hear from you soon, and loooking forward to more posts.


  8. Hi lovely,
    I really like this post!
    Thanks for sharing!
    I just found your blog,it's very cute!I added to your followers!Follow back?:)
    Greetings from Tuscany

  9. This is a very interesting topic, and I loved the post! I always thought that Paris would be one of the most styling cities in the world, and there would be fashion glamor everywhere. However, after reading this post, I was shocked! They like it low-key?! I will keep this in mind when I go!

    C'est la vie!

  10. Hi!Great post)))I like Paris))
    I follow you, follow me?

  11. Hiya, so cute blog! I followed, hope you find mine as readable too ;) Love your colourful outfits on previous posts, totally adorable. :) and nice to know there are other bloggers out there without expensive hd-camera ;) Keep it up, girl!

  12. Love all of those outfits. Thanks for the tips too! I'd love to visit Paris one day.

  13. Great post, enjoyed reading it. I love when I go to Paris the fashion is amazing.

  14. love this post! its very helpful :)

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  17. As a parisian I love the first look!
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    Last post about how to wear heels:
    Bises de Paris!
    Aloïs, dress like a parisian


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